Why Destiny Logo?

You need a custom logo design that reflects the quality and professionalism of your product or service. In your search for the right design company, keep in mind that the lowest price can cost you far more in the long run. Many low-priced logo design and crowd-sourcing companies use shortcuts that seriously affect the quality and originality of your logo. Re-used, generic graphics are detrimental to the quality of the design, especially for printed media, while clipart and images from questionable sources bring a risk of copyright infringement.

Your time and resources are important to your success. You can avoid loss of time, effort, and money by going to the professionals at Destiny Logo first. Destiny Logo is an experienced team of professionals who have been trained and educated in graphic design with emphasis on artistic and original creations, marketing and advertising layouts, color coordination, print media, and computer technology.

At Destiny Logo, you are assigned a personal design assistant (your Project Coordinator) with whom you have direct contact. In addition, you have the full benefit of a highly-qualified team of professional logo designers who are employed full time in our own studios. Ours is a reputable, tested company with satisfied customers throughout the world, including the United States and Europe.

With Destiny Logo, your design is guaranteed to be an original, professional piece of artwork, and the ownership of the design stays with you. You can safely register your design for a copyright &/or trademark, knowing that your submission is owned by you and that no part of it was copied from anyone or anything else. In the United States, for instance, a logo by itself can be registered for a copyright. A logo combined with a name or phrase, particularly in an identifiably unique style, can be registered for a trademark.

Building a Brand

The brand-building process is one of the most important things you can undertake to assure your business growth. Potential customers quickly learn to associate your logo with a company they trust. We all recognize at a single glance the logos for companies like McDonalds®, Pepsi Cola®, Apple Computers®, and Facebook®.* Start your business with your logo, stationery, and marketing materials professionally designed by Destiny Logo for eye appeal and instant recognition.

We begin our design process by learning about your business, your objectives, and what you want your logo to say about your company, products, and services. This ensures that our designers will offer you choices targeted specifically to your needs. Throughout the design process, we are always cognizant of your goals, your competition, and the current trends in your industry. Your input and preferences, combined with our professional research and design skills, will provide outstanding logos guaranteed to create a lasting impression. The experience, creativity, and passion of our designers produce unique and memorable logos that you will be proud to own.

Every design project receives our utmost in enthusiasm and effort, regardless of the size or scope of the order. We explore all possibilities to provide you with a logo that is exclusive and polished—a design that will maintain its clarity and appeal whether used on a website or for printed media.

There are distinct phases in creating a recognizable brand. You want your potential customers to know not only your brand name but your brand image. These might include your company name and logo, as well as distinct name and logo combinations for individual products. Individual products might be linked by a common color, design, or theme with the company image for instant recognition. Web pages might be linked, visually, with your company logo and its elements for continuity and aesthetic appeal. The quality of your logo can give you an edge over the competition through brand recognition.

How We Do It

Our number one priority at Destiny Logo is customer satisfaction. Your personal design assistant will work together with you to envision your ideas, understand your company and tastes, create a timetable, and form plans. Your ideas and information will be analyzed by our team of in-house graphic designers who will then work on an array of samples for your review. No effort will be spared to ensure that your design concept is clear, understandable, visually appealing, and perfectly executed.

We do not use clipart. Each of our logos is an original graphic designed exclusively for you. We use Pantone® colors in our design work, which is the industry standard for most professional printers and Fortune 500 companies. We will test print all designs to ensure that they print cleanly for color, clarity, and readability.

When our designers have created a selection of professional logos from which you can choose, you are welcome to add ideas for change in any manner. We are not finished until you are completely satisfied with the result. Our designers will work on your project as many times as it takes until you feel that your logo is the perfect fit for your company and your tastes. We can make as many changes as you want, because we do all our own work in-house, using our own professional graphic artists. We never trust your valuable logo to others by outsourcing work to a third party.

In a hurry? We can have your first array of designs from which to choose within five business days. In special circumstances, we can provide samples within two days; just ask your personal design assistant. Can we really do what we say? Prove it to yourself by looking at just some of the many logos we have created for others in our Portfolio.

How Will My Logo be Different?

Destiny Logos will provide custom logos tailored to your individual needs—graphic designs that are powerful and eye catching without being too complex. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, a great logo design establishes you as a unique brand and puts you ahead of the competition.

The talented designers at Destiny Logos can create the image you want for your business cards and stationery, whether you are looking for 3D logos or prefer a more traditional look. Our knowledgeable staff members understand the requirements of images for print media, such as advertising layouts, flyers, and brochures, as well as what works best for the online market. Take advantage of our expertise in any design area you are considering.

The mark of a truly successful logo is in its visual appeal, style, color, and a certain quality that marks it as being clean and simple, colorful, sharp, or retro. A retro logo tends to use a subtle texture to give the design a bit of an edge, helping it to stand out and appear slightly vintage. Your logo should be effective in its message while also being aesthetically pleasing.

If your logo is primarily used for a website, our designers are skilled in providing textures that add depth and interest, while moving attention toward a specific area. In the hands of the expert designers at Destiny Logo, the proper use of texture can help bring your website together without making the texture, itself, the main focus. We can create design templates for websites that include logo, headings, textures, and special fonts that will attract and keep the attention of visitors.

Our Commitment to You

  • We guarantee your satisfaction 100%
  • We will personally help you every step of the way to achieve a clear, professional design you can be proud to call yours.
  • We guarantee that your design is a unique work of art designed exclusively for you.
  • You own the copyright to your designs, and you can register them for copyright &/or trademark.
  • We guarantee a quick turn-around for your projects.
  • Our rates are competitive within the sphere of original, professional, quality designs.

Contact us today. Our design staff is standing by to help you.

  • Disclaimer: Destiny Logo is not affiliated in any manner with the trademarked companies mentioned above.

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